How to Make Your Home Energy Efficient

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What is an energy-efficient home? An energy-efficient home would be categorized as a home that uses less energy or that uses energy responsibly. Building codes have changed in the last two decades in order to make newly constructed homes more energy efficient. Buying an energy-efficient home or upgrades to an existing home will enhance comfort and help save on utility …

HVAC Maintenance Tips for Winter

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As Canadians, one of the largest expenses comes from heating our homes in the winter months. In older homes which are poorly insulated this may come at an even larger expense. That is why it is imperative that we maintain our HVAC systems. Most furnaces are going to be fuelled by natural gas; fewer are fueled by oil and electricity …

Insulation In Your Attic

Adding Insulation In Your Attic

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Is it time to update your home insulation? Here are a few questions to ask before adding insulation? How old is my house? Are there any government grants available? Am I planning any renovations soon? What impact will this update have on my home’s efficiency and my energy bills. The purpose of insulation in any house is to regulate the …