Level 1 Visual WETT Inspection

Fees start at $290.00

The acronym WETT stands for Wood Energy Technical Training.

There are a variety of reasons why an inspection is requested. The most common reasons are:

  • Insurance company requested an inspection
  • Pre-purchase home inspection
  • System performance issue
  • Visible signs of damage

 A WETT inspection is the inspection of a solid-fuel-burning system, performed by a WETT-certified professional, for compliance with applicable codes and standards. Appliances or installations cannot be “WETT certified”. Examples of solid-fuel-burning systems that we inspect are wood stoves, wood-burning fireplace inserts or masonry fireplaces. We do not inspect Wood burning furnaces, as those are complex appliances that need specialized technical training.

WETT Inspection

Types of WETT Inspections

We frequently receive requests for a “WETT certificate,” a “WETT certification,” a “WETT approval” or asked if it’s a “WETT-certified installation.” We also receive requests for companies that are “WETT certified.” These are common misconceptions. What is issued is an inspection report completed by a specific individual who is WETT certified

There are three different types or Levels of WETT Inspections:

  • Visual Inspection
  • Technical Inspection
  • Invasive Inspection
firepalce in Ontario
fireplace need WETT inspection for insurance

Our company offers Level 1 Visual WETT Inspections. We will be able to help you assess which type is required based on your needs. For most insurance and real estate inspections, a Visual inspection is sufficient. If, during the course of the inspection, our inspector sees signs of concern, a Technical or Invasive inspection may be recommended.

What is a Level 1 Visual Inspection

This type of inspection may be required as part of a real estate purchase, as requested by your insurer, as required by the Authority Having Jurisdiction or as part of a Fire Code requirement. It also provides peace of mind to you prior to using the appliance.

This includes a basic inspection of the solid-fuel-burning appliance and venting system components that are visible. It will include measurements of clearances, opening doors or dampers, and a visual inspection of the chimney from the ground. It will identify any noted deficiencies and red flags that may require a more detailed inspection. It will include a final report on WETT inspection forms.

If there is obvious evidence of a problem with the system, a “Technical” inspection should be completed.

As part of an inspection, you will receive a written inspection report. Please note that an Invoice is NOT a report. The report details the areas in which the installation meets or does not meet the requirements of the manufacturer’s installation instructions and the appropriate codes. An installation is either in compliance or it is not.

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