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Who is a Multi-Unit Inspection for?

A multi-unit residential property inspection caters to a diverse range of clientele, including mortgage lenders, investors, condominium associations, property managers, and serves various real estate transactions, or as part of a standard maintenance and repair strategy.

Accessing the physical condition of the property

Compared to most commercial properties, multi-dwelling properties endure constant usage as long as the unit is occupied or during the operating hours of a communal space. This results in varying degrees of wear and tear by occupants and visitors. While some occupants may maintain their units responsibly, others may not, even if they're contractually obligated to do so.

The presence of pets, which some tenants may own, may also contribute to the normal amount of wear and tear. Neglect or deferred maintenance, and even vandalism by trespassers may also affect unoccupied units. Therefore, regardless of the client's objective for the inspection, assessing the physical condition of the property by an inspection professional is particularly crucial from both a financial standpoint and a safety perspective.

What's classified as Multi-Unit Housing?

Multi-dwelling properties are also referred to as multi-family residential properties or multi-unit housing. An inspection for this type of residential property is carried out for apartment buildings, condominiums, and townhome developments. Although the interior of each individual unit resembles a standalone residential property and is typically inspected by a home inspector, a multi-dwelling property is designed and built with commercial applications. It involves systems and features that require the specialized expertise of a professional.

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