Residential Pool Inspection

Fees start at $289.00

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What is a Residential Pool Inspection?

A residential pool inspection includes a visual examination of the pool's readily accessible systems and components. This includes the condition of the deck, installed equipment, coping & pool liner, skimmer, pumps, jets, filtration system, electrical systems, and plumbing systems.

We will report on the components' age, including the liner, condition, visible damage or installation issue and any maintenance-related items as they pertain to the pool.

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Understand the Condition of Your Pool

Our swimming pool inspections provide the buyer with a snapshot of the present condition of your pool and its liner. This includes recommended repairs, ages of components and the presence of any safety concerns.

Because this is a visual inspection only, we cannot verify the conditions of concealed components, such as underground pipes, or if the pool has any underground leaks. If these are of concern, we recommend having a pool company perform a specialized leak detection pressure test.

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