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Inspection Services Group Featured on CHCH-TV

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Featured segment CHCH-TV: Find the dangers in your home with Inspection Services Group. Lesley Stewart spent the morning with Inspection Services Group, to discuss the importance of finding the dangers inside your home. Have an issue with your home? They do residential and commercial inspections, such as radon testing, allergen testing, mold testing and air quality assessments.

Independent Tarion Warranty Inspection

The Importance of an Independent Tarion Warranty Inspection

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Thousands of new homes are built every year but very few undergo an inspection from an independent Inspection Company. There are various reasons why this is happening. In this article, I will explain what these reasons are and why they are not valid. Why Independent Tarion Warranty Inspections are forgone by buyers Buyers are led to believe that the house …

General Contractor vs Home Inspector

General Contractor vs Home Inspector

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Have you ever wondered who is right for the job?  This is a fairly common question in the inspection industry and a great topic for discussion.  Not because all contractors are bad.  In fact, we recommend a variety of different contractors to our clients all the time.  I have chosen the topic of contractors because I wanted to shed light …

Infrared picture of wall insulation

Infrared & Its Purpose in the Inspection Industry

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What is Infrared? By definition infrared is a type of electromagnetic radiation invisible to the human eye. The name incorporates a Latin term and means “below red.” Infrared light has wavelengths longer than those visible to humans. Other invisible wavelengths include X-rays, radio waves and microwaves. Infrared light tends to record the heat signature of an object or environment.  How …

Insulation In Your Attic

Adding Insulation In Your Attic

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Is it time to update your home insulation? Here are a few questions to ask before adding insulation? How old is my house? Are there any government grants available? Am I planning any renovations soon? What impact will this update have on my home’s efficiency and my energy bills. The purpose of insulation in any house is to regulate the …