Mold Testing

Why is Mold Hazardous?

Mold is nature’s process of decomposing organic material and it is found everywhere. Inside the home though, it can be a cause of serious damage to property and it can affect humans in different ways.

Mold is a toxic and hazardous problem and is the leading cause of Upper Respiratory illnesses including Asthma and may cause other allergic reactions. Does a member of your family complain about constant cough, runny nose, itchy eyes or skin irritations? These are the most common symptoms of an allergic reaction to mold. 

diagram of how mold affects the human body

Testing Indoor Air for Mold

The only way to know if there are high levels of mold spores in the interior air, is to perform specialized tests of the indoor air.

 If there is visible mold in your home, it is vital that it be tested before it is remediated. There are many different types of mold and some are much more dangerous than others and may require a different level of remediation.

We have the knowledge, the expertise and the equipment to help you with Mold Testing. We work with an accredited laboratory that will analyze all the samples and provide us with a detailed report.

Our trained professionals will help you with the RIGHT solution and create an action plan for you. Having a contractor deal with the matter, will lead to unnecessary actions and over inflated costs.

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mold testing equipment
air sample under the microsope containing mold spores
mold in the attic
mold in the basement