Commercial Property Assessment

The Inspection Services Group specializes in small-to-medium size commercial buildings.

  • manufacturing facilities
  • plazas or strip malls
  • small apartment buildings
  • industrial property
  • office buildings
  • restaurants
  • commercial condominiums
  • mixed-use buildings

Our experience encompasses:

Our inspectors are trained and certified to provide you peace of mind to make an informed decision on your purchase.  Some of our property condition assessments will include consultants for heating, elevator inspection or engineering if we see the need for specialization beyond the scope of our practice. 

Why do I need a commercial property assessment?

If you are buying, selling, leasing or renting a commercial property then a property condition assessment can aid you effectively budget for future repairs and improvements.


Inspection Services Group performs commercial property assessments to ASTM standard E2018-08. Our Property Condition Reports are detailed with photos and ballpark repair costs for items over $3000.  We inspect:

  • structure
  • roofing
  • plumbing
  • HVAC
  • ventilation
  • electrical
  • interior and exterior components
  • site drainage and grading
  • fire and life safety

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